Laminar flow clean air benches are not BSCs. They discharge HEPA-filtered air across the work surface and toward the user. These devices provide product protection only and should never be used when handling cell culture materials, drug formulations, or when manipulating potentially infectious or harmful materials.

Clean benches should not be used as a substitute for a biological safety cabinet in research, biomedical or veterinary laboratories or similar applications. They are useful in hospital pharmacies when a clean area is needed for preparation of intravenous drugs or in other situations that demand a clean air space.

Laminar flow devices must be certified at installation and annually thereafter. The recognized standards are Federal Standard 209B and ISO 14622 - ½. Certification ensures correct airflow and sealed, properly functioning filters. Our team is equipped with the latest equipment and training. We are proud to provide the high quality service expected by our clients - industry leaders who demand the best.