LabTech Midwest, Inc. provides full service HEPA filtration certification services.

High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) Filters were created by the Manhatten Project during World War 2. HEPA filtration removes up to 99.999% of airborne particulates and provides a "Clean" environmen. Without HEPA filtration clean rooms, operating suites and other sterile environments would not be possible.

Depending upon a variety of engineering, use and environmental factors most filters will last 2 - 10+ years. Each year the filters should be professionally evaluated. As the filters load performance will fall off and adjustments should be made to the mechancial system, where possible, to compensate. Proper care improves performance and adds to filter life.

It is common to find small leaks and/or broken seals from year to year. We employ the ATI TDA2G Aerosol Photometer to quickly pinpoint leaks so they can be repaired. This instrument accurate from 0.0001% to 100%. All leaks are recorded during the evaluation, documented in the service report and, where possible, repaired.

A quality Laboratory Ventilation Management program includes establishing a system to manage your HEPA filter population. Your commissioning report is an excellent beginning. Proper management and testing delivers dividends with peace of mind, ease of maintenance and prolonged filter life.