(NSF-49 - Most Recent Version)

Biological Safety Cabinets provide both product and personnel protection. To ensure proper function each cabinet must be certified at installation and annually thereafter. The certification procedure  is the National Sanitation Foundation's Standard 49 (NSF-49 - Most Recent Version).
The NSF-49 certification method ensures that air balance is correct and filters leak free. Our seasoned technical services team is equipped with the latest equipment and training. We are proud to provide the high quality service expected by our clients - industry leaders who demand the best.

National Sanitation Foundation Standard 49 Evaluation

  • Air Velocity Evaluation - Inflow and Down Flow Velocity Patterns
  • HEPA Filter Challenge Leak Test - PAO
  • Pressure Leak Testing
  • Visible Vapor Testing - Air Flow Smoke Patterns
  • Cabinet Leak Testing - Where Applicable

  • Electrical Safety Analysis to Include Electrical Leakage, Ground
  • Circuit Resistance and Sound Level Test
  • Light Level Test
  • Ultraviolet Light Level Test - Where Applicable