LabTech Midwest’s number one priority is LABORATORY SAFETY. Our team is committed to promoting a safe working environment for both employees and visitors. By design our team will educate, inform and service each facility to minimize the risk of injury or illness.
All of our certifications programs are designed to promote safety and meet manufacturer guidelines and governmental regulation. Our Quality Assurance Program requires that we continuously review our procedures ensuring that they always reflect the latest regulations, standards, manufacturer guidelines and the best practices in our industry.
Certification Programs include:

    Fume Hoods – ASHRAE 110-1995 and LTMW SOP 0111
    Biological Safety Cabinets
    Laminar Flow Devices
    Clean Rooms
    HEPA Filter Certification
    Custom Certification Program testing and implementation

Timely information is critical and reports for our clients are posted to our secure server within a week of service including concerns and recommended courses of action. Of course any critical concern is immediately discussed with the owners representative. Our service department is here for one reason – to promote safety.