Our technical service team includes more than 85 years of combined experience. Mr. Rick Nannetti heads the department and has been validating systems for more than 20 years. What makes LabTech Midwest unique? People - Vision - Passion

We are the only privately held firm in our service region with:

- National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) qualified personnel.

- Providing ASHRAE 110 - 1995 Chemical Fume Hood Commissioning.

- To have achieved "Chemcial Fume Hood Expert Qualification" from IES



What truly makes our service team unique is a core passion for excellence. Our approach, protocols and standard operating procedures are a reflection of our desire to be the best. As a part of our Continious Quality Program our team participates in continuing eduction programs nationwide and our protocols are constantly updated to reflect the most current standards and thinking.

A brief review of qualifications and recent courses is listed below. Please call us if you desire additional information and remember references are available upon request:

National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) - The National Sanitation Foundation's qualification program includes a 3 hour written exam and a full one day practical qualifaction test. Furthermore, the Foundation requires that current calibration certificates for each piece of testing equipment be kept on file in Ann Arbor, Michigan to maintain this qualification. NSF Qualification is the most demanding standard to meet --- this means you have chosen a reputable vendor invested in quality service.

Industrial Educational Services (IES) -ASHRAE 110 - 1995 Fume Hood Expert Qualification Achieved. Only Firm with this Qualification from IES in the Midwest.

Harvard School of Public Health - Biological Safety Cabinet Testing

National Environmental Balancing Bureau - NEBB Clean Room Performance Testing

International Air Filtration Certifiers Association - Accredited Biological Safety Cabinets

NuAire Inc.
- Certification of Class II Laminar Flow Biological Safety Cabinets
- CO2 Water Jacket Incubators

- Biological Safety Cabinet & Enclosure Certification & Service Seminar

Thermo Forma
- Service Training Program - Bio-Safety/Laminar Flow Hoods & Incubators
- Series Incubator Training II Program

Eagleson Institute (Baker Company)
- Biological Safety Cabinet Seminar
- Safety Issues for Certifiers
- Interpreting the New NSF Standard 49
- Interpreting ISO 14644-1 and -2
- ASHRAE 110 - 1995 Testing and Certification

- Controlled Environment Testing Association
- Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology
- Wisconsin Biotechnology Association
- International Air Filtration Certifiers Association (IAFCA)