Custom solutions seem to be the rule rather than the exception in the laboratory. LabTech Midwest, Inc. provides consulting services to some of today's best companies. Our professional team will help define your project, assist in the design and deliver a guaranteed end result. Recent projects include:

  • Scrubber for an SO3 Application
  • 100 Liter Reactor Fume Hood
  • Bio Safety Level 3 Cytotoxin Laboratory
  • Research and Development Laboratory in Record Time
  • Efficiency Studies
  • Integrated Solutions

If you, the customer, are in need of a unique containment solution or simply want to look at some options remember that LabTech Midwest thinks outside the box. Providing peace of mind every step of the way is our End Result Guarantee.



Our team was asked by a leading surfactant manufacturer to design and develop a fume hood system with an integrated scrubber. The client needed a safe and secure way to do sulfonation work. The possibility of an SO3 plume existing the building was not acceptable and a scrubber was a critical part of the plan from day one.

We set up the reaction and all required apparatus with the customer as a dry run to help define the fume hood dimensions. Once defined we designed a fume hood to accommodate the application. The hood and it's required volumetric airflow dictates the size of the scrubber - a direct relationship exists.

At this point in the planning process challenges were presented. The equipment set up and physical size of the reaction required a large hood and a large scrubber. The initial design demanded an externally mounted scrubber - the building simply would not accommodate it. Finally, the client had not anticipated the additional costs to weatherproof the scrubber.

We re-designed the hood to operate at 500 cfm. A traditional 8' Chemical Fume Hood requires up to 2,000 cfm. The custom 8' hood for this application provides excellent containment based upon ASHRAE 110 - 1995 test data with 75% less air volume.

Our redesign of the fume hood system provided significant benefits and made the project highly successful. Benefits include:

  • The size of the scrubber was significantly reduced
  • All required weatherization costs were no longer required
  • The scrubber will have a longer service life
  • The scrubber fit inside of the laboratory reducing maintenance costs and challenges
  • The project was completed on time and on budget

We worked very closely with the customer to deliver this project on time and on budget. The customer provided direction we provided a turn key solution - all requried HVAC, electrical, control wiring, plumbing, supervision and project management. This project was a success!



Development of production scale fume hood systems for use with 100-liter reactors.


Biological Safety Level 3 Laboratory: Working closely with a Pharmaceutical manufacturer we designed, developed and delivered a complete BSL-3 laboratory for cytotoxin production in 4 short weeks. ·


On December 31st we contracted to design, develop and deliver a new R&D Laboratory with a projected occupancy date of March 1st, 2002. In two short months our client moved into their new R&D Laboratory - on time and on budget.


With an understanding of the laboratory HVAC system we can reduce operating costs up to 40%. Payback times average 14 months.


LabTech Midwest, Inc. is different. Today's laboratories are complex with specific requirements for cabinetry; fume hoods, HVAC, plumbing, process piping, user comfort, flexibility, safety and a multitude of regulations. Our staff is equipped to find solutions for your unique environment. We look forward to serving you. This is a small sample of solutions we have delivered. Please call us anytime for assistance - we will work hard for you.