Wood Laboratory Furniture

Wood laboratory furniture by LabTech Midwest is naturally beautiful and durable and provides limitless design options. Available in a variety of species, styles and chemically resistant finishes, LabTech's wood laboratory furniture adds genuine warmth to any lab. A beautiful lab with great functionality is assured with natural hardwood laboratory benches and furniture.

  • Wood benches for the laboratory are designed to fit your layout.
  • Available six sided and pie shaped peninsulas are popular for teaching laboratories.
  • Upper wall storage maximizes storage space while complimenting the base assemblies.
  • End sink assemblies provide multiple access points to sink areas without increasing initial installation costs.
  • Pegboard storage areas at sinks allow an attractive, yet practical, location for glassware drying and storage.
  • Pegboards that match the material and finish of countertops provide a refined, professional installation.
  • Flush pulls with a contrasting finish accent the styling of the wood casework. Different colors and styles of wood and pulls are available.

Please tell LabTech about your laboratory furniture needs and we’ll find design a very attractive fine wood laboratory for you facility.