FlexLab Furniture

FlexLab furniture maximizes both horizontal and vertical space in an efficient, organized and adaptable manner.  Ergo FlexLab is completely mobile while Bravo FlexLab is freestanding and easily relocated. Both adapt to changing demands to accommodate growth and new processes. Many customers find FlexLab central islands complemented by a perimeter of modular steel and fume hoods ideal.

Ergo and Bravo FlexLab address the costs in an evolving modern laboratory environment:
  • Shelves and counters easily adjust in 1" increments
  • Services are placed in ideal locations without consuming valuable bench space
  • Fast and easy reconfiguration with minimal disruption
  • Maximizes available floor space
  • Enables greater productivity and improved ergonomics
  • Optimizes your investment in people and technology
  • Adapts to the unforeseen future – growth, expansion, changing process and demands